Coffee Table
Good Design Coffee Table, Side Table Including Marble Table, Wood Table, Glass Table, Metal Table, etc. Round Table and Square Table Are Available
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Featured Products
Coffee Table Image
Coffee Table
Round Coffee Table Set With Metal Frame
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Coffee Table Set Image
Coffee Table Set
Marble Round Coffee Table Set With Stainless Steel Frame
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Other Coffee Table
Coffee Table Image
Coffee Table
$61- $68
Coffee Table Set Image
Coffee Table Set
$113- $126
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Aces Furniture Manufacture CO.LTD
Aces furniture is a high-end brand of HH furniture manufacturer in China. Our factory is located in Longjiang town, Foshan city, where is famous for furniture manufacturing. Aces Furniture has more than 10 years R&D, production and wholesale experience integrated design furniture manufacturer in China, providing you with high cost-effective new concept office furniture for workplace and public area. Our factory occupies about 60,000 square meter and has more than 400 employees. We own our hardware, foam and upholstery 3 different production lines, which can offer you better quality control and delivery time. Aces furniture supply and export good design furniture and fantastic furniture from Aces Furniture, including sofa set, sectional sofa, office pod, armchair, office chair, coffee table, etc. ; you also can enjoy our professional, sincere and sweet service like prompt reply and fast delivery. You can switch freely the shape and style of your work space and meet the office environment of one person, two person or more people by relocating the combinational seating. OEM & ODM is also available. Focus on details, guarantee each piece of product and to be your best furniture business partner is our aim. Better to be different than better. Let Aces furniture make your business different.
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Foshan, China
No. of employees
Year of establishment
Business Type
Manufacturer, Marketing, Exporting
Factory size
about 60,000 sq mt
Average Annual Revenue
US$15 million
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